Rumors have it…

If you want to know the newest and in most cases the oldest rumors floating around, go to your social media blog. Yep, it is simply amazing how many rumors just take on a life of their own.

People do not care anymore if they are telling the truth or if they are telling a lie. My friends, if you pass along a lie, it is a lie coming from you. Should I repeat this?

I would hope that all of us were taught to not tell lies and I know I try my best to make sure what I post is not a lie but is the truth on my social media accounts. However, I also know that I can make a mistake and post something that is not true. If I do, I hope my friends on that account will tell me so I can remove it.

This article is to those folks that are constantly posting without checking the facts. Oh, I know, it is a feel-good thing. “Pray for this girl, she has been missing and the worst is feared…” Oh, you didn’t check it out, she was missing 5 years ago, and found dead two days later… REALLY!

Some are just outright lies, there is no truth in them and we still post them, no matter how unbelievable they seem to be. “A hole is found in the ocean and the sea will dry up in 10,000 years” Ha, even if it was true, I promise you it would not affect me when I hit my 10,062-year-old birthday…
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I use to try to verify my post before I post them. I have found it to be reliable and it is simple to use. There may be others but this one is my choice.

Let’s all clean up our own back yards and stop the rumors we post and that others post. If you see something and want to repost it, check it out and make sure it is factual based and true. If it is, go for it and post it.

If it is not true, post the link of the information that backs up your findings on the original post you found it on and call it what it is, outdated, not true, not factual, etc.

Look at the source of who the original post was. As an example, an article from a mainstream news group is probably okay. One that is from lies4news, well may be questionable.

Here is just a couple of post I found today on

Did an NFL Player Burn an American Flag in a Locker Room? – NOT TRUE –

Is the Mississippi River Going Dry? – NOT TRUE –

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

Where is the love of God in a mass shooting?

Deuteronomy 31:6 New International Version (NIV)
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Christ and the Cross
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In reading the accounts of the mass shooting in Las Vegas you may wonder, where does the love of God go during a mass shooting?

The accounts were graphic and told a story of death from above. The shooter picked his targets at random in a crowded concert venue. The automatic weapon he was using sprayed death like we would spray water from a hose in our garden. By the end of the shooters reign of terror, almost 60 people had died, over 500 people were injured. The majority of the deaths and injuries were from the bullets sprayed by the gunman. He didn’t have to be accurate, he just had to keep firing.

While the shooting was going on people were trying to escape the bullets. Some were trying to hide from the bullets. Some were saying their final prayers while others were asking for God for safety. All were brought together in a mass of confusion and unity that few of us will ever know.

Blood would pour freely this night and the smell of the blood would be in the nostrils of all.

Screams, people shouting for help and whimpering’s would be heard. The rata tat tat of the gun fire would seem like it would never stop. Last breaths would be taken.

So, during all of this carnage, God where is your love?

God’s love was in the hearts and deeds done by the first responders. God would take on the role of protector and healer through the police, fire and paramedics. These people would rush in to save as many people as they could, regardless of the danger presented to everyone, they were doing as they were trained. God was with them all and with the people they touched.

God’s love was with the concert goers that would help each other. The ones that used their hands to help stem the flow of blood from people shot. The ones that put the injured onto the back of pickup trucks, loaded them into SUV’s and cars and then drove them to the hospitals. Some shielded love ones and strangers with their own bodies, some cried for the dying and some cried because they were alive. God was with them all and with the people they touched.

God’s love was with the hospital staff that came from all over. Those that were off work, those that were scheduled to work and probably just volunteers wanting to help. The doctors, the nurses, the techs, the administrative assistants, the supervisors, the cleaning crews, the maintenance people, the IT people, they were all letting the love of God flow. God was with them all and with the people they touched.

Yes, God’s love was in the air that faithful night. Where there is darkness, God will shine His brightest.

Christian Flag and Church
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In the coming days, weeks and years many will ask why? I am not sure anyone can answer this question. There will be more tears, and anguish. Anger and loneliness will come to some. The empty chair at the table, the empty place in the bed. That phone call of panic, or words that no one wants to hear from the doctor or priest. God’s love is still at work, but we just may ne be able to see it.

As a nation, we will try to comfort each other. We will give our hearts, money and prayers to all the victims and families.

God’s love has not gone anywhere. God’s love is always with us and

Deuteronomy 31:6 New International Version (NIV)
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

The author is a Christian and this article is written from that viewpoint. 

North Korea Continues to laugh at the USA, China and Russia

North Korea has tested yet another missile, despite more sanctions from the United Nations. It seems that each time the UN adds more sanctions, Chairman Kim Jong-un sends another missile over Japan or he test another nuclear bomb.

Chairman Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. This photo was downloaded from this website.

It is time for the United States and the rest of the world to stop playing games with North Korea. The longer we play, the better the chances of a lot of people being hurt and killed down the road.

Here, I will let the secret out of the bag to the USA, China and Russia. North Korea has nuclear capabilities and they will use it against anyone, including you. No all three of you know the truth. I am glad you now have the same knowledge as the rest of the world.

Do I think North Korea would attack any of these three? No, I do not unless the DPRK was attacked first. The reason why is very simple. If DPRK attacked a super power first, it would most certainly spell the end of Kim Jong-un and his regime, along with North Korea. He doesn’t want that.

President Xi Jinping, China1
Xi Jinping, President of the Peoples Republic of China. Photo from Bing search stock photos.

Chairman Kim Jong-un just wants to run with the big dogs and stop being ignored. He is tired of throwing temper tantrums and no one pays him any attention. He loves being in the lime light.

Now, what we have to remember is this man has killed many people in North Korea that could have taken over his government from him, along with his family members. So yes, he is unpredictable and he very well may do something no one expects, like attacking a super power. I personally believe before this happens he would attack a much smaller country that could not retaliate against him.

President Vladimir Putin, Russia1
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Photo from Bing search stock photos.

Come on, it is time the USA, China and Russia put up or shut up. Tell Chairman Kim Jong-un lets deal or all three needs to remove him from office at a very expensive price. All three super powers are at fault for allowing him to get to this point with his power. Shame on all three of you.

After the latest firing of a missile by North Korea the United States has asked for direct intervention by China and Russia. In the past, according to what we know, they have only voted along with UN sanctions. In my opinion, voting along with the UN sanctions is not direct intervention. Maybe it is time that both of these countries step up and do more than just the UN sanctions that were voted on.

One thing is for sure. As long as everyone just lets North Korea keep going on and on with these threats, sooner or later we all will look at each other and ask how did we get here as we survey all of the destruction around us.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it’s your turn.