4 Lanes to 3 Lanes, Better?

It seems like the North Carolina DOT (NCDOT) is determined to make a parking lot out of the main street running north and south in Asheboro, NC. They have determined that resurfacing and remarking of the current street (Fayetteville Street) will be done in the summer of 2018.

Asheboro is a town of about 28,000 people located in the center of North Carolina. It’s claim to fame, the NC Zoo is located here.┬áIt is the worlds largest natural habitat zoo.

It seems that the NCDOT has determined through a study that making the 4 lane into a 3 lane road with a center turn lane will slow traffic down. They also say there will be less collisions due to people not changing lanes as much.

Asheboro Seal
The City of Asheboro has a pop of 28,000 people. This photo was downloaded from bing.com images.

Granted, it will slow traffic down. In fact, it will bring it to a complete stop. Currently if you travel this road in the rush times, it is already at a slow to stopped traffic. The intersection of Salisbury and Fayetteville Streets is a complete nightmare.

The NCDOT has said parking spaces will remain the same on the highway. I think it will hurt the businesses from Salisbury Street to Academy Street. Why do I say this? The traffic lines will be packed much tighter and they will be much longer. People will not want to fight the traffic and hear the horns blaring just to park on the street to go shopping.

My idea of making the road safer would be to upgrade Cox Street and Church Street or maybe Park Street and make them better North/South routes. Make these roads 3 lanes or 5 lanes (5 lanes would probably require widening the roads). These roads would have less stop lights and the traffic could move at a faster pace (not speed wise but because of the stop and go) than going through Fayetteville Street.

Asheboro needs a least one if not two better choices than just Fayetteville Street for a North/South route through town.

There really is not a good fix to Asheboro’s traffic issues in the downtown area. As Asheboro continues to grow, the traffic will continue to get worse. Maybe instead of a band-aid fix that NCDOT is proposing they, NCDOT, should be planning on upgrading all the roads in the Asheboro Downtown area. Smoother and less crowded roads would not only be safer, but it would make the businesses more attractive to shoppers. Easy in and easy out, people like that for driving and shopping.

Oh, remember this. Don’t make NCDOT mad about any suggestions. Under the Democratic Governor, Beverly Purdue the NCDOT pulled millions of dollars from a North Asheboro road project and sent it to an eastern county. The reason was because the businesses in the area of the project wanted a different design because they felt the current design that was being proposed would hurt their business. We have a Democratic Governor again, so tread lightly…

I really have my doubts that making a 4 lane to a 3 lane road is a good move to help traffic move more efficiently and safer through Asheboro. I hope I am wrong, but time will certainly show if it was a good idea.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.