It’s not a protest, it is disrespecting our country

Forest Gump said it best in the movie, “stupid is as stupid does”. What does it mean? It doesn’t matter how smart you are, if you do something stupid, it is still stupid.

NFL League
The NFL Emblem, ©National Football League. Obtained from Bing Images.

I just read a news article that said POTUS is a racist because he challenged the NFL players and their manner of protest. I saw another article that had the headline of Trump is trying to do away with the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Has the main stream press gone “stupid is as stupid does”?

It’s not about race and it’s not about freedom of speech. It is about disrespecting our flag and National Anthem, which filters down to disrespecting our country. Sure, it is okay to protest, but there are other ways to do it. In my opinion, the way you protest shows where your heart is at.

Just because POTUS makes a stand (which I support) a lot more players and owners decide to join in and disrespect our country. So now, let me ask this. Does two wrongs make it right, of course not.

Statement from the Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson on the NFL players showing disrespect for our country. Photo from Facebook, Carolina Panthers post.

These players and most owners do not care for our country, they care about their wallets. This is why they stand together. They think it will help their bottom line, however they may be surprised on this one.

If this was just a race thing POTUS would have used a racial slur or word in his rebuke of the practice of taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. He didn’t. Players of different races are disrespecting the country we live in so POTUS wasn’t talking to just one race. Please explain to me how it is a race thing.

President Donald Trump, current United States President 2017. The photo was downloaded from bing images.

The main stream press has to have a reason to exist, so they create reasons. Just like this issue of disrespecting our country and changing it to a race issue. They know they get more readers by making something to be racial.

I heard one of the NBA players making out how POTUS was showing the wrong example to everyone by doing what he has done. He went on to say POTUS was the leader and in the highest position in our country and was not leading properly. Wait, the NFL players are showing the wrong example, stupid. These players and heroes to our kids are showing disrespect to our country.

POTUS is doing exactly what POTUS should be doing. Standing up for our flag and the United States of America. The NFL players should be playing football while in front of the cameras, not protesting in our living rooms and bars through the medium of television while being paid to play ball.

Until the NFL changes the way it is doing things and shows its players can respect the country we live in I will not be watching anymore professional football games. That is a real protest, maybe some would call it a boycott. Now, I lived for the NFL season, but I love my country more than football. When the NFL starts losing money and sponsors over this, it will change. It is a money thing.

Congress should immediately revoke the NFL’s charitable status if they still have it. In 2015 the NFL was still a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

If this disrespect of our country spreads to other sports that I watch, I will no longer watch them as well.

The NFL Boycott meme was downloaded through It from the website of

There seems to be a national movement to boycott the NFL football games on November 12th, the day after Veterans Day in the United States. Even if it is very successful the main stream media will say it failed just so they can get more reads. However with this being said, I am okay with this boycott.

You can call me “stupid is as stupid does”, but I still love my country.

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The NFL and not standing for the Anthem

Shaming the flag, shaming America

Another season is here for the National Football League (NFL) and another season of multimillion dollar babies not standing to respect our country. It is not about free speech, it is about the NFL not policing the players. Now let me say this, the average player makes $860,000 per year in 2015, so not all of them are multimillion dollar babies.

The United States Flag and the Christian Flag
Just as they should be, proudly showing their colors. The United States Flag and the Christian Flag. (Photo ©William Ballentine)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself for not standing up for America first. He has claimed in the past that it is not an enforceable action for the NFL to take. Please tell us Commissioner why it is not enforceable? It seems that the NFL can hand out fines for uniform violations, end zone celebrations, fighting, the way the players interact on the field with the referees, and actually other things I haven’t mentioned. But, this isn’t enforcable, really?

I believe it has more to do with revenue than with being enforceable. It seems that the NFL is more concerned about the bottom line than with the best in line for our country. Here, one of the most watched and followed sports in America has the chance to say enough is enough and do something positive for our nation, and they don’t do anything except let the disrespect go on.

NFL League
The NFL Emblem, ©National Football League. Obtained from Bing Images.

The sponsors are caught in the middle of this issue as well are the owners. The sponsors have to answer to their board members and the owners have to answer to their fans. The owners hands are tied by the NFL.

Then there is the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). I am sure they want to stay as neutral as possible so they do not hurt their image with the players, the NFL or the fans.

Now, let’s just say a little about the freedom os speech thing. I agree we all have freedom of speech WHEN WE ARE NOT ON THE PAYROLL OF SOMEONE ELSE. These football players are employees of their teams and are paid by the teams, through a process of the owners sharing profits, which is another issue.

The players should have to act in accordance with what the teams want, not what the players want. In North Carolina you can lose your job by doing “your thing” while on the time clock of your employor. Heck, some have lost their jobs for doing their thing while they were not on the time clock.

I would like to see the sponsors stand up for our country and start pulling ads from the television networks and the NFL.

The owners should start including in the contracts of the player conditions that the player has to stand for the national anthem and show the proper respect for the flag as defined by national protocol. If it is in the contract then at least the fans and the sponsors know if the teams are patriotic or not, depending on how the teams take care of the issue.

If the player violates this contract he could be suspended by the team, fined by the team or be fired by the team without penalty to the team. In other words, the team would not have to finish paying out the players contract.

As a last effort the NFL teams should remain in the locker room during the playing of the anthem. After it is finished they should come onto the field.

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Now in closing let me say this. I understand this is a very complicated issue, however it would seem the NFL really does not want to take care of the problem. If the NFL does not want to take care if it, maybe it is time for others to force the NFL to take care of these multimillion dollar babies that think their demonstration is more important than showing respect for our nation.

I would be amiss if I didn’t take this time to say thank you to the many players that respect our country and our flag at the beginning of each game.

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