Rename or Rebrand? East Dixie Drive in Asheboro

Every town or city has a highway that no one likes to travel. It is probably because of a number of issues but it usually boils down to traffic. Asheboro is getting a southern loop for Highway 64 (Dixie Drive) which should remove some traffic from going through the city. So now, for some reason rumors are flying about renaming Dixie Drive through Asheboro. This is my take on some pretty good names to be considered for the renaming committee.

Asheboro-Then and Now
This is one of the busiest intersections in Asheboro. Renaming the highway will not make the problem go away. Photo from Asheboro: Then and Now Facebook Page.

First of all, rebranding, really? I guess I am old fashioned. You rename roads and other things. As an example, you rename your pet from Oscar to Bo. You are talking to your friend on the phone and tell them, “Oh, by the way, I rebranded Oscar and I am calling him Bo now.” It is called RENAMIMG, let’s stop trying to reinvent the wheel when what we have works.

Dixie Drive in Asheboro. Just saying these words could bring shock, dismay and anger (toward city officials and NCDOT). However, it is not their fault, well maybe it is NCDOT’s fault but not the city officials.

Dixie Drive, from my estimates has about a zillion cars and trucks each day traveling on the highway. Make that 2 zillion if you are stuck in traffic for any reason.

Here are my “official” names I have chosen for the renaming of Dixie Drive in Asheboro, NC. I like them all, so you make a choice or add a new one.

No Love Here, Time to Text, Will Be Late, Heavy Traffic Drive, Oh No, What Just Happened, Going No Where, Just Sitting Here, Move Over Stupid, Temper Tantrum.

One More Horn, Why This Way, I Am Lost, Traffic, Zoo City Nightmare, No Peace, It’s an Adventure, Suicide Strip, The Dangerous Way, OMG, Count to 10 Again, Last Nerve.

Oops, Crunch, Higher Insurance Rates, I am Target, Never Again, LOL, The Finger, The Sloth Adventure, Stop Staring, No Answer, Looking at You, It’s Not Funny, 7 Year Itch, 2nd Novel.

To Many Cars, To Many Lights, Nightmare in Asheboro, Wreck City, It’s a No Go, 15 Songs Later, Not to Fast, Walking is Faster, Turtle Race, Straight From Hades, Snails Go Faster, Slow Cook’n, Stuck in the Middle.

Not Funny, Never Mind the Dent, Out of Time, Out of Patience, Bathroom Quick, HaHa, Looking at Tail Lights, Where’s the Movement, What a Nut, That’s Crazy, Deathtrap, More Road Please, Impossible Dream, No Turns.

Growing Older, Not getting Wiser, Getting Upset, Happiness Gone, Why Me, Love/Hate Relationship, Monster 10 Feet, I Need Gas.

These are just a few of my suggestions. Please leave your suggestions below and any other remarks that you may have.

Oh, I almost forgot, enjoy your travels through Asheboro…

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

2 thoughts on “Rename or Rebrand? East Dixie Drive in Asheboro”

  1. Hi Bill. As you say, a loop might relieve some of the traffic on Dixie Drive, but rebranding the the name is a separate issue. I remember that when I was a kid in Asheboro, Dixie Land Acres was one of the nicest subdivisions in town. The Dixie restaurant was so well patronized they made 3 of them, and you could see the Confederate flag flying everywhere. We had a statue of a Confederate soldier on the Courthouse lawn, white schools and a blacks school, and separate drinking fountains labeled “Whites Only” and “Coloreds”.

    Some rebranding might allow Asheboro to move into the 21st century. I would hope for that but I won’t hold my breath waiting for it to happen. I moved away from Asheboro in 2013, and as fate would have it, I now live in a rural county where a 17 year old black guy was lynched in 2014, about 10 miles away from where I am sitting right now. Maybe I am sensitive to this issue because of the things I have seen.

    But East Dixie Drive in Asheboro does have a few things to do with the city officials. As I recall, there was an initiative some years ago, when the highway was widened to 4 lanes, to incentivize the businesses in town to relocate to E64. I’m guessing that the loop you mentioned was negotiated by the city officials to relieve the traffic issues that have grown with the town. If they are also considering rebranding/renaming that strip of road, maybe it should be something that would still speak the history, while supporting a brighter future at the same time. Something that remembers your exasperation with long lines while acknowledging that the road is still taking you somewhere. Maybe something like: Endurance Boulevard


    1. I agree with you Cheryl, it is 2 separate issues and Endurance Boulevard would fit good. I know NCDOT is responsible for almost all the streets in Asheboro. If Asheboro makes a suggestion for improvements, the NCDOT will draw up the plans, but because Asheboro made the suggestion, they would have to foot the bill or at least most of it. Our tax dollars at work, or maybe, not at work… Thanks Cheryl for your post.


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