100% Accurate Rating for Weather

It is a rainy, cloudy and cool day today in Shanghai, China. This cool weather is a great thing considering the summer that was had here. There were at least 2 weeks of 100° plus weather each day. Then there was about two more weeks of 90° plus weather. Along with this temps, it was very humid.

In fact, it was so hot this summer the fish were swimming around and cooling off with “mist fans”.

Today is a welcome relief and if it wasn’t for the rain I would be outside doing something. Probably just walking around, but I would be outside.

So, look at the photo below. I am telling you that it was raining at the time this photo was taken. How do you know that? The roads are wet, and everyone is holding an OPEN umbrella. My one and only current weather forecast, 100% accurate.

Raining in Shanghai
Everyone has the umbrella open as they are walking in the rain in Shanghai, China. Photo ©William Ballentine

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

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