North Korea, is it too late

North Korea has just detonated the most powerful nuclear bomb test in its history. The DPRK carried out this test despite the international community protesting all of the past test completed by Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Chairman Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. This photo was downloaded from this website.

So, why is Chairman Kim Jong-un continuing to go against the international community plus having to deal with United Nations sanctions against his country. It is my belief that he believes that the United States has no credibility, and he sees it is a weakness.

From President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump the United States says big things but does little to stop them. We talk big, but have taken no real actions to stop him.


Our past four Presidents have called the DPRK names, made threats but done absolutely nothing that would make a difference to them. So, if you look at the number of years, DPRK has been doing what they wanted since at least 1993. That is 24 years of development.

To stop this nonsense from the DPRK would possibly be a bloody war that would draw many nations into a battle. But, would that be wise at this time? The timing of this should have been the very first time DPRK violated their promise not to develop a nuclear weapon.

What we have now allowed to happen is letting Chairman Kim Jong-un have the capability to not only attack our allies, but to attack the United States mainland with a nuclear assault.

It is obvious that someone is going around the sanctions that have been put into place in the past. Even if no one has, the people of the DPRK are the ones that suffer, not Chairman Kim Jong-un or his leaders.

Then enters Kim Jong-un in May of 2016 as the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. He was no stranger to the politics. He was actively involved with DPRK politics from as far back as 2010.

He is considered a ruthless leader. According to reports he has ordered family members killed as well as people within the party and citizens to maintain his power. The most important item to the Chairman is maintaining his control of the DPRK.

Niki Haley, current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. This photo was downloaded from this website.

According to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Niki Haley, Kim Jong-un is wanting to start a war. I tend to agree with her. Each time things get quiet, it seems he starts testing again or firing missiles. After all, he thinks the USA is all talk and no action.

What’s at stake? There is a lot of players on the table at this time. South Korea, Japan and about anyone else in the Asian continents could be drawn into a full-scale war. Casualties could and probably be large due to the possibility of nuclear weapons being involved.

Would it be a conventional or nuclear war? To start with I think if war was to break out with the DPRK and anyone else it would be a conventional war, but could quickly escalate into a nuclear war.

China has already warned the United States that they would not interfere as long as we were not trying to make a regime change in North Korea. I don’t understand this, if we are going to war, we would need a regime change in the DPRK to try and insure the future would be peaceful.

President Donald Trump, current United States President 2017. The photo was downloaded from this website.

If the reports are true Kim Jong-un could and should be treated as an international criminal and be brought to court to stand trial.

The DPRK has played the United States with such precision and with very few mistakes we have to start thinking about negotiating with them. Do we go to war now and risk a world war or do we try to negotiate a deal?

Negotiating a deal would not ensure anything to keep the peace. Besides, we have been trying to negotiate for many years. Every time we ask for sanctions, Chairman Kim Yong-un escalates with weapons instead of doing something constructive and suggest meeting at the table for a long peace negotiation.

Chairman Kim Yong-un has already shown in his past actions he is determined to escalate things to try and get what he wants. The only thing he knows is being the bully or big kid on the block.

A last resort would be a war. If war should break out it would be a bloody, long lasting and a very deadly war. No one would win.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it’s your turn.

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