Greg Seabolt is in for Republicans

In the Randolph County North Carolina Sheriffs primary election on May 7, 2018 the Republican candidates were Current Sheriff Robert Graves and a newcomer to the political scene, Greg Seabolt.

After the votes were tallied Greg Seabolt won the Republican primary. According the Randolph County Board of Elections a total number of 12,826 votes were cast. Out of these votes the final totals for each candidate was Robert Graves with 49.04% (6,290) and Greg Seabolt with 50.96% (6,546).

The Republican primary was a heated and sometimes dividing contest in Randolph County. In the end, the Randolph County voters had their say and Greg Seabolt was the winner.

In the Libertarian primary election there were also two candidates. There were a total of 302 votes cast in this election. Eric Hicks who has run unsuccessfully for Sheriff as a Republican in the past, but changed his affiliation this year received 87.42% (264) votes. Another newcomer, Adam Brooks received 12.58% (38) votes.

In November for the general election it will be Greg Seabolt and Eric Hicks facing each other for the office of Sheriff of Randolph County.

Greg Seabolt the Republican candidate for Randolph County NC Sheriff

Greg Seabolt has said that he will remove politics from the Sheriff’s Department if he is elected Sheriff. This along with several other promises can be read on his website which can be accessed by clicking on this link Greg Seabolt for Sheriff.

The only public website I could locate for Eric Hicks through a Google search is located on Facebook. You can access this site if you are a member of Facebook by clicking on this link Hicks for Randolph County Sheriff 2018. I am unable to give any information on this site because I am not an active member of Facebook due to uncontrolled security issues with the Facebook website.

Eric Hicks
Eric Hicks the Libertarian candidate for Randolph County NC Sheriff

It should be noted that I previously endorsed Robert Graves on this website, however this does not reflect negatively  with the current endorsement of Greg Seabolt in the upcoming November election.

As with all primaries, it is now time for the Randolph County GOP to come together and put aside all of the differences in this election and elect Greg Seabolt for Sheriff in the November election.

Congratulations to Greg Seabolt on winning the Republican primary and the best of luck to him in the November general election.

In the General election it is my opinion the Greg Seabolt is much more qualified to be Sheriff that Eric Hicks. I am endorsing Greg Seabolt for Sheriff in the November general election and I would ask all of my readers and friends on Facebook that are able to vote in the Randolph County NC Sheriff’s general election to vote for Greg Seabolt for Sheriff.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

(This article is an opinion writing from The Southern Shout Out)


“The Great Pretender” – Greg Seabolt

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The political race for the Randolph County, North Carolina office of Sheriff is entering into it final primary election days. There are two candidates that have filed for office on the Republican ticket which has caused a primary election to be held on May 8, 2018. The current duly elected and appointed by the Randolph County GOP according to the North Carolina elections law is Sheriff Robert Graves. His opponent is “The Great Pretender” Greg Seabolt.

Every time “The Great Pretender” Greg Seabolt speaks or when some of his supporters speak, it reminds me of the song by The Platters “The Great Pretender”. Just in case you need to refresh your memory of what the old classic song lyrics are, here it is:

“The Great Pretender” Greg Seabolt

Oh yes I’m the great pretender (ooh ooh)
Pretending I’m doing well (ooh ooh)
My need is such I pretend too much
I’m lonely but no one can tell

Oh yes I’m the great pretender (ooh ooh)
Adrift in a world of my own (ooh ooh)
I play the game but to my real shame
You’ve left me to dream all alone

Too real is this feeling of make believe
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

Ooh ooh yes I’m the great pretender (ooh ooh)
Just laughing and gay like a clown (ooh ooh)
I seem to be what I’m not (you see)
I’m wearing my heart like a crown
Pretending that you’re still around

Yeah ooh hoo
Too real when I feel what my heart can’t conceal

Oh yes I’m the great pretender
Just laughing and gay like a clown (ooh ooh)
I seem to be what I’m not you see
I’m wearing my heart like a crown
Pretending that you’re
Pretending that you’re still around

That song pretty much sums up the Greg Seabolt campaign and what he has broadcast out to the public as I see it. He is “The Great Pretender”. (Click here for the song and lyrics on YouTube)

So, let’s take a look at “The Great Pretender’s” campaign.

“The Great Pretender” is pretending that he is qualified better than our current Sheriff to hold that office. No, not even close. The current Sheriff has held this position since Sheriff Maynard Reid, Jr. died while holding the office of Sheriff on Tuesday, January 5, 2016. A little over 2 years ago. While Sheriff Graves has been in office he has conducted a successful campaign of fighting crime, instituting rules and community service programs to assist in fighting crime and protecting our citizens. The current Sheriff has served as a supervisor with the North Carolina Highway Patrol in the position of Lieutenant. He retired after over 30 years of service. 16 of those years were in a supervisory capacity as Sergeant, First Sergeant and as Lieutenant with the Highway Patrol. He has had numerous training classes as a supervisor and he has learned how to deal with personnel matters.

Now, let’s talk about “The Great Pretender’s” training as a supervisor and actual hands on experience as a supervisor. Well, that’s the end of that subject for “The Great Pretender”. His training and actual experience would be absolutely ZERO.

Now, let’s move onto “The Great Pretender’s” campaign straight off his website.

  1. Open Communication and Transparency. Sheriff Robert Graves already has this and is doing this. He is using various social media and personal appearances to bolster the Sheriff’s office and what the Sheriff’s office is doing. Unlike “The Great Pretender’s” campaign of distortion, half-truths and the tearing down of good men and women that put their life on the line each day to protect the citizens of Randolph County.
  2. Eradication of Illicit Drug Trafficking in Randolph County. Sheriff Robert Graves is working hard along with the men and women at the Sheriff’s office to remove drugs from our county. He is working with other agencies and taking a leading role in taking drugs off our streets and out the hands of our children. He seeks longer jail times and harsher sentences for these criminals. Unlike “The Great Pretender” that only wants to talk about what he would pretend to do if elected. Our Sheriff is doing the work now, not just talking about it.
  3. Proactive Property Crime Prevention. Sheriff Robert Graves is doing what the budget will allow him to do. He is using his personnel to reduce crime in all areas. The Sheriff can only work within his department’s budget. He also has to use money for other areas. “The Great Pretender” would have you to believe that he alone can do this like waiving a magic wand to come up with the money. His budget would be endless and pull money out of our pockets to try and accomplish anything that “The Great Pretender” thinks is going to just sounds like a good idea.
  4. Reducing Call Response Time. Sheriff Robert Graves works hard to make sure his Deputies arrived safely to your calls of help. Satellite offices have been done in the past and there still may be some operating now. However, the best deterrent is a man or women in the car working the area, not sitting in an office drinking coffee. “The Great Pretender” wouldn’t know this since he hasn’t any supervisory experience.
  5. Thorough Crime Investigation. It is easy for “The Great Pretender” to sit back and make promises about thorough crime investigations verses actually do the investigation. The very first investigation I solved as a detective was a breaking and entering and larceny into a home. There was no known witnesses and it had been a cold case for about 4 months when I received it. Another two months went by before I was able to gather the information I needed to obtain warrants and then successfully bring the criminals to court and see justice done. If you have a murder case and a larceny case to occur at the same time but different victims and crime scenes, which would get the priority. Of course, the homicide case would and rightfully so. Oh, I am sorry this would be a management view point, something “The Great Pretender” doesn’t have. That is why he missed the boat on this one.
  6. No Political Maneuvering. Come on, I guess “The Great Pretender” really believes that the people will believe this, or did he say that just to try and receive votes. The very idea of Sheriff all over the United States is a political office. Sheriff Robert Graves is working as a Sheriff should. “The Great Pretender” is just blowing smoke with this one point. You cannot separate politics and the Sheriff’s Department in North Carolina or anywhere else. “The Great Pretender” is doing what he does best, pretending.
  7. Policy and Procedural Standardization. To be certified as a CLAEA Department takes a lot of time and money. It doesn’t necessarily make the department a better department. Good supervisors understand this and work within the department’s budget to see that the people that work for them have proper minimum training standards and more if the training budget would allow it. In order to receive this accreditation, it cost a minimum of $11,450.00 to $16,125.00 one-time fee, pass or fail, plus an annual charge of $4,065.00 to $5,000.00 to keep the accreditation depending on the number of deputies. In addition to this cost a complete over haul of the way records would be kept along with other standards that would have to be implemented. This would be money that could be used toward number 5 above. It looks like “The Great Pretender” missed this one as well.
  8. Personal Accountability in the Office. I don’t think this is a problem that is going on now. Just look at the number of ex-employees that use to work at the Sheriff’s Office that had to leave for various reasons. DWI, not following procedures just to name two. Now, let’s ask “The Great Pretender” how is Operation Red Sleigh going? I can’t see anywhere online that you have published an independent audit of where the funds and gifts came from or where they went. Did all of the money go to needed children? Did all of the gifts go to needed children? Did criminal activity pay for any of these gifts? We simply do not know how many thousands of dollars have been misused, if any, because “The Great Pretender” hasn’t given a personal accountability of how he has over seen the funding and dispersing on the money and gifts. The bad part of this is people will not ask because they are embarrassed to question his accountability. I’m not embarrassed to ask. I would hope everything would be the way it should be, but we really do not know.
  9. Adequate Training and Equipment. What was written by “The Great Pretender” sounds great. Sheriff Robert Graves is already doing this and probably more. These requirements are set out by law for law enforcement officers in North Carolina. “The Great Pretender” repeating something that is required by law as his idea. Pretending again.
  10. A Safe Randolph County Jail. No matter what is done there will be fights and injuries, including death in the jails to the inmates and officers. It is just a sound bite to say this, so it will sound good, but you can only do so much. If a prisoner wants to do something they will do it if the opportunity arises. This has been this way since jails were conceived and will always be that way. Another sound bite for “The Great Pretender”.

“The Great Pretender’s” campaign is not without fault and neither is “The Great Pretender” although he would like you to believe he is. One of the endorsers for him is a man that was married, and they had a child. That is good, however this man was seeing another woman while he was married. That was not good. By the way, this man left his wife and child to marry this other lady. Oh, but I guess “The Great Pretender” shut his eyes and pretended it did not happen so he could use this endorsement. Speaking of low ethics, thank you “Great Pretender”

Okay, what is the real reason “The Great Pretender” did not try to be promoted when he was working with the Highway Patrol. He says it was because he didn’t want to move. But, we also have to consider a range of other reasons. Maybe he is just lazy and did not want the extra work. Maybe he just didn’t want the extra money in salary and retirement. Maybe he has skeletons in his closet that would not allow him to be promoted. Maybe he had a cushioned job here in Randolph County that allowed his to take longer breaks, lunches or just hide instead of patrolling our highways as he should when he was being paid to do that. Only “The Great Pretender” can answer some of these questions because personnel records are not a public record. These are still questions that we should all be asking.

There is a prominent attorney that is supporting “The Great Pretender” by using what attorney’s use best the mouth. This attorney is constantly bashing Sheriff Robert Graves and the Randolph County GOP for what he believes was dirty politics. Everything that the Randolph County GOP and Sheriff Robert Graves has done has been legal and I guess that is why this attorney wants to fire things up by insulting and make believing things were not. It’s funny how things go. This very same attorney was the head of the GOP in Randolph County. He used politics to help other people to get jobs and promotions. I know this is true because he helped me obtain my job with the State of North Carolina by writing a letter for me and talking to other political people on my behalf. He even told me he wouldn’t help unless I would help “sign up” people to join the Republican party. Dang, doesn’t that sound like politics to you Randolph County citizens? Of course, “The Great Pretender is against this, remember?

“The Great Pretender” started his campaign long before the actual filing period began. The problem is this. “The Great Pretender” is running against the Republican party and not against Sheriff Robert Graves. “The Great Pretender” Greg Seabolt is running a smear campaign against all citizens of Randolph County that are registered Republicans. He has called the local GOP out as being unfair, and full of people that… well you can guess. It’s something how “The Great Pretender” thinks. He never shows up for a GOP event until he decides he wants to run for public office as a Republican. He then bashes the party he is a member of and is running on behalf of in a political position. Then he stops coming to party activities and gets even more upset because he pretends the party is against him, so he can try to get the emotional vote instead of people actually realizing what is going on and making the correct choice.

“The Great Pretender” Greg Seabolt

I hope that everyone will vote in the primary on May 8, 2018. Please remember, when you vote, don’t vote for “The Great Pretender” because that is what he is. He is pretending to have your needs in his mind but is actually looking after his own needs. The line that stands out in my mind in this song is: “I’m wearing my heart like a crown”

The proper vote would be for Sheriff Robert Graves. He is already doing a great job as Sheriff each and every day and has been since the very early part of 2016. This is who I will vote for and who I endorse for Sheriff of Randolph County.

One last thing, click this link to hear a great song and read the lyrics as you listen.

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The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

(This article is an opinion writing from The Southern Shout Out)


Guns Don’t Kill People. People Kill People

This is my opinion on an issue that has no clear solutions other than the way we treat mental health patients. 

The article’s title is an old cliché that has been around for a long time, but it is still so true.

As some die-hard liberals would like you to believe, let’s do away or regulate guns more so we can “stop the killing.” Now, some of these liberals are probably sincere in their way of thinking. But for most of them, they just want more regulations, so the government can control more areas of our lives. If a true liberal could have their way, they would control every aspect of what we do, even to what we do in our own homes.

As a retired 34-year veteran of law enforcement in the USA I do have a little more insight into mental health issues than some have. I am no expert by any means, but like many Americans, you don’t have to be an expert in anything to know something is not working.

On January 14, 2018 (Valentine’s Day) a school shooter shot and killed at least 17 people and injured many others. Within a day the liberals were posting on Facebook many, many Occupy Democrats gifs and post. (look at the one below) In all honesty, the organization cannot truthfully tell us if these statistics would have been any different if their party was leading the country. The majority of  the post are against #1 The Republican Party and #2 Freedom to bear arms. The Occupy Democrats is an organization that promotes liberal thinking. Leave it to the Democrats to make politics out of a tragedy that was caused by nothing more than our treatment of mental illness in the United States.


It is not a Democrat or Republican fault, it is a mental health issue which is at fault and this crosses all political lines.

More gun control will not stop killings in the United States and it will not stop mass killings. Every day in news articles we can read about people who are killed by other people. Driving cars and trucks through crowds, stabbing with knives, pushing people off of cliffs, vehicle bombs, torturing and starving people, and the list goes on and on.

During the 50’s and 60’s the federal government started to deinstitutionalize mental health treatment. From what I have been told and have read, being put into a mental hospital during the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s was not a good thing because of the way people were treated for their illness.

Eventually drugs were invented to help treat mental illnesses and the USA started closing down mental health treatment facilities. As an example, Dorothea Dix Mental Health Hospital moved its last patient to Butner and closed its doors in August of 2012.

So how long does it take for a mental health patient to get mental health in hospital treatment? Well, I have seen mental health patients in North Carolina held in emergency rooms for days and in a regular hospital bed (not mental health facility) for weeks. Insurance controls all of this. If a patient reaches a certain number of days, the insurance companies want them to be released. It doesn’t matter if they are ready, it is a money thing and probably because of a waiting list of other patients that need treatment.

I know about the time limit because I have had family members that have mental health issues in the past and they were released at the end of 30 days even though everyone knew they were not ready to be released. The answer given from the medical society was “Your insurance will not pay for anymore treatment beyond the 30 days.”

I believe in the 60’s or 70’s is when the USA decided to treat mental health as an outpatient issue. It took several years for the issue to come to light as a national problem. Now, let me stop here and say this. There has been a lot of people that have benefited from this outpatient treatment and continue to work within society in a “normal” way. My hat is off to them because they live day to day with a complicated issue.

You cannot rubber stamp treatment for mental health issues. What will work for one individual will not work the same way for another individual with the same illness. In fact, it could make the mental illness worst.

Last but not the least. There is a lot of good articles about mental illness treatment located on the internet. Please read the ones that are from trusted websites or publications. Do not believe what you read from political pushing agenda organizations. They are just pushing politics and nothing else.

Leave the gun legislation alone and spend money on inpatient treatment without limitations on insurance money and length of stays. I believe we need to institutionalize mental health treatment with the current workable drugs available. However with this being said we should never go back to the days of barbaric treatment of mental health patients.

It is time for the government (all parties) to say the way we are treating mental health issues is not working. It is time to change the way we treat these patients.


Beware of Fundraising in the Sheriff Election

Everyone has Facebook and now it seems the local Randolph County Sheriff’s race is using Facebook for fundraising.

I saw on my Facebook page a supporter for Seabolt for Sheriff had posted he was selling tickets to win a 9mm, Smith & Wesson MP Shield. The post was “Ok, I got 3 gun raffle tickets left and looking for an owner for them. Drawing is Friday. If you win , you will be the owner of a Smith &Wesson MP Shield 9mm….”

After an exchange of post and the question was asked what is the benefit for was it told it was for Greg Seabolt.

Greg Seabolt is running for Sheriff in the local election against the current Sheriff Robert Graves.

This is only one supporter that I saw posting the raffle for the gun, but it would appear he wasn’t going to tell that the money was going to Greg Seabolt until he was asked. I would hope the tickets would have what the money is going to so people would know that they were giving money to Seabolt. This may have just been a mistake on his part or it could have been intentional, only he knows.

If this was intentional, this tactic is a little deceitful in my opinion to try to get you to buy something with the money going toward an election candidate and you wouldn’t know it until you actually saw the ticket.

The supporter should have disclosed up front on his post what the money that was being raised was going to. Every fundraiser that I can remember always explains up front how the money will be used.

It’s even possible the money could be going to Seabolt for medical expenses or any number of other reasons. Whatever is the reason, it needs to be disclosed in the very beginning without having to be asked.

So, what does this mean to everyone? If you do not know where your money is going in any fundraiser you should ask. You should always know where your money is going and what cause it will be applied to.

Just to have a total disclosure, I am supporting the current Sheriff Robert Graves in this upcoming Republican primary election.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.



Rumors have it…

If you want to know the newest and in most cases the oldest rumors floating around, go to your social media blog. Yep, it is simply amazing how many rumors just take on a life of their own.

People do not care anymore if they are telling the truth or if they are telling a lie. My friends, if you pass along a lie, it is a lie coming from you. Should I repeat this?

I would hope that all of us were taught to not tell lies and I know I try my best to make sure what I post is not a lie but is the truth on my social media accounts. However, I also know that I can make a mistake and post something that is not true. If I do, I hope my friends on that account will tell me so I can remove it.

This article is to those folks that are constantly posting without checking the facts. Oh, I know, it is a feel-good thing. “Pray for this girl, she has been missing and the worst is feared…” Oh, you didn’t check it out, she was missing 5 years ago, and found dead two days later… REALLY!

Some are just outright lies, there is no truth in them and we still post them, no matter how unbelievable they seem to be. “A hole is found in the ocean and the sea will dry up in 10,000 years” Ha, even if it was true, I promise you it would not affect me when I hit my 10,062-year-old birthday…

Image was obtained from a google search. snopes.com

I use snopes.com to try to verify my post before I post them. I have found it to be reliable and it is simple to use. There may be others but this one is my choice.

Let’s all clean up our own back yards and stop the rumors we post and that others post. If you see something and want to repost it, check it out and make sure it is factual based and true. If it is, go for it and post it.

If it is not true, post the link of the information that backs up your findings on the original post you found it on and call it what it is, outdated, not true, not factual, etc.

Look at the source of who the original post was. As an example, an article from a mainstream news group is probably okay. One that is from lies4news, well may be questionable.

Here is just a couple of post I found today on snopes.com:

Did an NFL Player Burn an American Flag in a Locker Room? – NOT TRUE – http://www.snopes.com/nfl-player-burned-american-flag-in-locker-room/

Is the Mississippi River Going Dry? – NOT TRUE – http://www.snopes.com/mississippi-river-going-dry/

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.


Rename or Rebrand? East Dixie Drive in Asheboro

Every town or city has a highway that no one likes to travel. It is probably because of a number of issues but it usually boils down to traffic. Asheboro is getting a southern loop for Highway 64 (Dixie Drive) which should remove some traffic from going through the city. So now, for some reason rumors are flying about renaming Dixie Drive through Asheboro. This is my take on some pretty good names to be considered for the renaming committee.

Asheboro-Then and Now
This is one of the busiest intersections in Asheboro. Renaming the highway will not make the problem go away. Photo from Asheboro: Then and Now Facebook Page.

First of all, rebranding, really? I guess I am old fashioned. You rename roads and other things. As an example, you rename your pet from Oscar to Bo. You are talking to your friend on the phone and tell them, “Oh, by the way, I rebranded Oscar and I am calling him Bo now.” It is called RENAMIMG, let’s stop trying to reinvent the wheel when what we have works.

Dixie Drive in Asheboro. Just saying these words could bring shock, dismay and anger (toward city officials and NCDOT). However, it is not their fault, well maybe it is NCDOT’s fault but not the city officials.

Dixie Drive, from my estimates has about a zillion cars and trucks each day traveling on the highway. Make that 2 zillion if you are stuck in traffic for any reason.

Here are my “official” names I have chosen for the renaming of Dixie Drive in Asheboro, NC. I like them all, so you make a choice or add a new one.

No Love Here, Time to Text, Will Be Late, Heavy Traffic Drive, Oh No, What Just Happened, Going No Where, Just Sitting Here, Move Over Stupid, Temper Tantrum.

One More Horn, Why This Way, I Am Lost, Traffic, Zoo City Nightmare, No Peace, It’s an Adventure, Suicide Strip, The Dangerous Way, OMG, Count to 10 Again, Last Nerve.

Oops, Crunch, Higher Insurance Rates, I am Target, Never Again, LOL, The Finger, The Sloth Adventure, Stop Staring, No Answer, Looking at You, It’s Not Funny, 7 Year Itch, 2nd Novel.

To Many Cars, To Many Lights, Nightmare in Asheboro, Wreck City, It’s a No Go, 15 Songs Later, Not to Fast, Walking is Faster, Turtle Race, Straight From Hades, Snails Go Faster, Slow Cook’n, Stuck in the Middle.

Not Funny, Never Mind the Dent, Out of Time, Out of Patience, Bathroom Quick, HaHa, Looking at Tail Lights, Where’s the Movement, What a Nut, That’s Crazy, Deathtrap, More Road Please, Impossible Dream, No Turns.

Growing Older, Not getting Wiser, Getting Upset, Happiness Gone, Why Me, Love/Hate Relationship, Monster 10 Feet, I Need Gas.

These are just a few of my suggestions. Please leave your suggestions below and any other remarks that you may have.

Oh, I almost forgot, enjoy your travels through Asheboro…

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.


Where is the love of God in a mass shooting?

Deuteronomy 31:6 New International Version (NIV)
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

Christ and the Cross
This image was obtained from a google search. Click here to go to the website.

In reading the accounts of the mass shooting in Las Vegas you may wonder, where does the love of God go during a mass shooting?

The accounts were graphic and told a story of death from above. The shooter picked his targets at random in a crowded concert venue. The automatic weapon he was using sprayed death like we would spray water from a hose in our garden. By the end of the shooters reign of terror, almost 60 people had died, over 500 people were injured. The majority of the deaths and injuries were from the bullets sprayed by the gunman. He didn’t have to be accurate, he just had to keep firing.

While the shooting was going on people were trying to escape the bullets. Some were trying to hide from the bullets. Some were saying their final prayers while others were asking for God for safety. All were brought together in a mass of confusion and unity that few of us will ever know.

Blood would pour freely this night and the smell of the blood would be in the nostrils of all.

Screams, people shouting for help and whimpering’s would be heard. The rata tat tat of the gun fire would seem like it would never stop. Last breaths would be taken.

So, during all of this carnage, God where is your love?

God’s love was in the hearts and deeds done by the first responders. God would take on the role of protector and healer through the police, fire and paramedics. These people would rush in to save as many people as they could, regardless of the danger presented to everyone, they were doing as they were trained. God was with them all and with the people they touched.

God’s love was with the concert goers that would help each other. The ones that used their hands to help stem the flow of blood from people shot. The ones that put the injured onto the back of pickup trucks, loaded them into SUV’s and cars and then drove them to the hospitals. Some shielded love ones and strangers with their own bodies, some cried for the dying and some cried because they were alive. God was with them all and with the people they touched.

God’s love was with the hospital staff that came from all over. Those that were off work, those that were scheduled to work and probably just volunteers wanting to help. The doctors, the nurses, the techs, the administrative assistants, the supervisors, the cleaning crews, the maintenance people, the IT people, they were all letting the love of God flow. God was with them all and with the people they touched.

Yes, God’s love was in the air that faithful night. Where there is darkness, God will shine His brightest.

Christian Flag and Church
This image was obtained from a google search. Click here to go to the website.

In the coming days, weeks and years many will ask why? I am not sure anyone can answer this question. There will be more tears, and anguish. Anger and loneliness will come to some. The empty chair at the table, the empty place in the bed. That phone call of panic, or words that no one wants to hear from the doctor or priest. God’s love is still at work, but we just may ne be able to see it.

As a nation, we will try to comfort each other. We will give our hearts, money and prayers to all the victims and families.

God’s love has not gone anywhere. God’s love is always with us and

Deuteronomy 31:6 New International Version (NIV)
Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it is your turn.

The author is a Christian and this article is written from that viewpoint. 


Guns in America, the endless debate starts again

The mass shooting in Las Vegas from this month has so far killed 59 people and has caused the injury of over 500 people. According to police, one gunman is responsible for the carnage that was left behind. The shooter committed suicide when police entered his hotel room.

LV Shooting2 Google Images
Photo of people trying to hide during the shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada in the USA. Google Images search.
LV Shooting Google Images
Photo of hotel gunman was at when he was shooting people at he concert. The winds shown in the lower right is where he was shooting from. Photo from Google Search Images.

But, not only is this another national tragedy for the United States, it has restarted up the debate about gun control. This is a very emotional hot topic in America and there is no easy solution.

The Bill of Rights in the United States Constitution reads: “Article the fourth… A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” According to this part of the document that the United States was formed by, it is pretty plain, the RIGHT OF THE PEOPLE TO KEEP AND BEAR ARMS, SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.

I think this leaves no room for debate, everyone has the right to keep and bear arms in the USA. One gun or thousands of guns, we have that right to own them all.

Guns in America Google IMages
Guns and ammo, they are a part of America, just like our apple pie and ice cream.

It seems that guns have been a part of the United States since the very beginning. There are many different opinions on being able to carry a weapon in the USA. You are reading mine now. I have been around guns, rifles, shotguns, and pistols almost my entire life. Since I was 21 years old and even to this day I have always carried a weapon with me most of the time. I have a valid concealed carry permit.

So, back to the shooting. According to Hillary Clinton’s Twitter account she wrote to put politics aside, but then makes a political statement in the same tweet. She says to fight the NRA “to stop this from happening again.”

Hillary Clinton
Photo of Hillary Clinton from a search by Google.com, images.

Hillary Clinto Tweet LV-N Shooting

Okay to Hillary and all the other people who want to change our Constitution. Let’s just say for the sake of argument a law was passed to outlaw weapons in the USA. Would this have stopped what happened in Las Vegas? I don’t think so and this is why I say this.

After the 1998 Port Arthur Massacre in Australia the Government passed the “National Firearms Programme Implementation Act 1996”, restricting the private ownership of high-capacity semi-automatic rifles, semi-automatic shotguns and pump-action shotguns as well as introducing uniform firearms licensing.

I visited Australia several years ago. While there I was speaking with a friend that lived there. He told me that the government bought weapons from the people and didn’t care if they were possessed illegally at the time or not. After this law as passed there was a period of time to turn in your weapons.

He went on to explain the police warehouses were “stacked to the ceilings” with weapons. I also spoke with a police officer while I was there. The laws are so strict in Australia, the police officer cannot carry a weapon home and must account of all the ammo after each shift when they turn the weapon and ammo in. By the way, this was within the past 7 years I was there and they were just starting to change of from a revolver to a semi-automatic weapon.

Yes, gun deaths are down in Australia, but they still have homicides and mass murders. The difference is that most are committed with chains, axes, knifes and various other means. The thing to understand is if someone wants to kill someone, they don’t have to use a firearm.

Now, where does the USA rank in homicides worldwide. Not including wars and suicides, the United States ranked 107 out of 218 countries in homicides in 2014. We are not even in the top 100 countries. This report was put together by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime. According to same study, firearms was the choice of weapons in the majority of murders worldwide, there were still many that did not include firearms.


Now, the people who want to regulate firearms will tell you if we regulate the firearms, instead of 50 plus dead, there may be only 3 or 4 dead. Wow, that’s great, unless you happen to be one of the 3 or 4 that was murdered.

The bottom line here is no matter what the USA does, people will always find a way to kill other people. This happens all over the world, in many different countries each day. So, with keeping this in mind, I will keep my firearms so I can defend myself against people who would like to harm me and my family.

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It’s not a protest, it is disrespecting our country

Forest Gump said it best in the movie, “stupid is as stupid does”. What does it mean? It doesn’t matter how smart you are, if you do something stupid, it is still stupid.

NFL League
The NFL Emblem, ©National Football League. Obtained from Bing Images.

I just read a news article that said POTUS is a racist because he challenged the NFL players and their manner of protest. I saw another article that had the headline of Trump is trying to do away with the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution. Has the main stream press gone “stupid is as stupid does”?

It’s not about race and it’s not about freedom of speech. It is about disrespecting our flag and National Anthem, which filters down to disrespecting our country. Sure, it is okay to protest, but there are other ways to do it. In my opinion, the way you protest shows where your heart is at.

Just because POTUS makes a stand (which I support) a lot more players and owners decide to join in and disrespect our country. So now, let me ask this. Does two wrongs make it right, of course not.

Statement from the Carolina Panthers owner Jerry Richardson on the NFL players showing disrespect for our country. Photo from Facebook, Carolina Panthers post.

These players and most owners do not care for our country, they care about their wallets. This is why they stand together. They think it will help their bottom line, however they may be surprised on this one.

If this was just a race thing POTUS would have used a racial slur or word in his rebuke of the practice of taking a knee during the playing of the National Anthem. He didn’t. Players of different races are disrespecting the country we live in so POTUS wasn’t talking to just one race. Please explain to me how it is a race thing.

President Donald Trump, current United States President 2017. The photo was downloaded from bing images.

The main stream press has to have a reason to exist, so they create reasons. Just like this issue of disrespecting our country and changing it to a race issue. They know they get more readers by making something to be racial.

I heard one of the NBA players making out how POTUS was showing the wrong example to everyone by doing what he has done. He went on to say POTUS was the leader and in the highest position in our country and was not leading properly. Wait, the NFL players are showing the wrong example, stupid. These players and heroes to our kids are showing disrespect to our country.

POTUS is doing exactly what POTUS should be doing. Standing up for our flag and the United States of America. The NFL players should be playing football while in front of the cameras, not protesting in our living rooms and bars through the medium of television while being paid to play ball.

Until the NFL changes the way it is doing things and shows its players can respect the country we live in I will not be watching anymore professional football games. That is a real protest, maybe some would call it a boycott. Now, I lived for the NFL season, but I love my country more than football. When the NFL starts losing money and sponsors over this, it will change. It is a money thing.

Congress should immediately revoke the NFL’s charitable status if they still have it. In 2015 the NFL was still a 501(c)(6) non-profit organization.

If this disrespect of our country spreads to other sports that I watch, I will no longer watch them as well.

The NFL Boycott meme was downloaded through google.com. It from the website of downtrend.com.

There seems to be a national movement to boycott the NFL football games on November 12th, the day after Veterans Day in the United States. Even if it is very successful the main stream media will say it failed just so they can get more reads. However with this being said, I am okay with this boycott.

You can call me “stupid is as stupid does”, but I still love my country.

My additional article on this subject can be found by clicking here.

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Acme-McCrary steam whistle is silent – for now

The Acme-McCrary steam whistle is silent for now. According to Brenda Johnson, Director of Human Resources for Acme, the steam whistle stopped blowing on May 8, 2014. One of the few departments that were left at the downtown location was moved to another location. The steam whistle operated from steam that was generated by a boiler. That boiler has not been used since the move on May 8.

steam 9
Brenda Johnson beside an photo in the offices. Photo ©Bill Ballentine

Do you miss the whistle or do you have any memories about it. Share them in the comments below. 

Although an exact date is not available, she believes it started bowing in the 30’s or 40’s.

The whistle has been a part of the Asheboro community for 75 years or more. Many people remember it blowing and they would look at their watch to see if the watch was accurate. What a lot of people don’t know is that the whistle was manually blown at 7 am, 12 noon, 12:30 pm and then at 3:30 pm, which was later changed to 3pm. The whistle would remind employees it was time to start work, go to lunch, and come back to lunch and then when you could go home. So the whistle was only as accurate as the person that was supplying the steam.

The last person that was responsible for that process was Don Hill. Don worked in the maintenance department and he was the man that controlled so many memories of that sound. He started to work for Acme-McCrary in May of 1999 and he still works there today.

steam 1
Don Hill standing beside the steam whistle that no longer blows in downtown Asheboro. Photo ©Bill Ballentine

I asked him if he was ever late blowing the whistle, he grinned and said “Maybe just a couple of times.”

DSC02555 (1)
A photo of the now silent steam whistle on the roof of the Acme-McCrary building in downtown Asheboro. Photo ©Bill Ballentine

John Ogburn, the Asheboro City Manager remembers the whistle. He remembers as a boy growing up in the Greystone area of Asheboro hearing it blowing at 7 am. He knew it was time to get out of the bed. When asked if he would like to hear it blowing again, he responded with “Even though it is part of the past and nostalgic, it may need to stay in the past. If it was to start up again I hope it would be a signal that manufacturing at the Acme McCrary downtown facility has restarted.”

I can remember growing up many blocks from downtown and hearing the whistle blowing. It always reminded me of the time when I heard it.

Mrs. Johnson supplied a copy of a “Letter to the Editor” that was written by Nancy Stevens (date unknown) which was published in the Courier Tribune. The beginning of the letter started with “After listening to the Acme-McCrary whistle for almost 90 years, I didn’t realize I loved it until someone complained about it. It would be interesting to know how many people have listened to that whistle and fed, clothed and educated their families by listening. If it stopped blowing, I would miss it. Hope it blows loud and clear as long as I live”

Mrs. Johnson at its peak the downtown location had as many as 300 employees. Now it has around 75 employees and most of that number is office people since the downtown location is the corporate headquarters for Acme-McCrary. Neal Anderson is the current CEO of Acme-McCray.

In case anyone is wondering, the longest active employee that is still working there is Irene Cox. Congratulations on working there for the past 66 years. She started in 1948.

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4 Lanes to 3 Lanes, Better?

It seems like the North Carolina DOT (NCDOT) is determined to make a parking lot out of the main street running north and south in Asheboro, NC. They have determined that resurfacing and remarking of the current street (Fayetteville Street) will be done in the summer of 2018.

Asheboro is a town of about 28,000 people located in the center of North Carolina. It’s claim to fame, the NC Zoo is located here. It is the worlds largest natural habitat zoo.

It seems that the NCDOT has determined through a study that making the 4 lane into a 3 lane road with a center turn lane will slow traffic down. They also say there will be less collisions due to people not changing lanes as much.

Asheboro Seal
The City of Asheboro has a pop of 28,000 people. This photo was downloaded from bing.com images.

Granted, it will slow traffic down. In fact, it will bring it to a complete stop. Currently if you travel this road in the rush times, it is already at a slow to stopped traffic. The intersection of Salisbury and Fayetteville Streets is a complete nightmare.

The NCDOT has said parking spaces will remain the same on the highway. I think it will hurt the businesses from Salisbury Street to Academy Street. Why do I say this? The traffic lines will be packed much tighter and they will be much longer. People will not want to fight the traffic and hear the horns blaring just to park on the street to go shopping.

My idea of making the road safer would be to upgrade Cox Street and Church Street or maybe Park Street and make them better North/South routes. Make these roads 3 lanes or 5 lanes (5 lanes would probably require widening the roads). These roads would have less stop lights and the traffic could move at a faster pace (not speed wise but because of the stop and go) than going through Fayetteville Street.

Asheboro needs a least one if not two better choices than just Fayetteville Street for a North/South route through town.

There really is not a good fix to Asheboro’s traffic issues in the downtown area. As Asheboro continues to grow, the traffic will continue to get worse. Maybe instead of a band-aid fix that NCDOT is proposing they, NCDOT, should be planning on upgrading all the roads in the Asheboro Downtown area. Smoother and less crowded roads would not only be safer, but it would make the businesses more attractive to shoppers. Easy in and easy out, people like that for driving and shopping.

Oh, remember this. Don’t make NCDOT mad about any suggestions. Under the Democratic Governor, Beverly Purdue the NCDOT pulled millions of dollars from a North Asheboro road project and sent it to an eastern county. The reason was because the businesses in the area of the project wanted a different design because they felt the current design that was being proposed would hurt their business. We have a Democratic Governor again, so tread lightly…

I really have my doubts that making a 4 lane to a 3 lane road is a good move to help traffic move more efficiently and safer through Asheboro. I hope I am wrong, but time will certainly show if it was a good idea.

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100% Accurate Rating for Weather

It is a rainy, cloudy and cool day today in Shanghai, China. This cool weather is a great thing considering the summer that was had here. There were at least 2 weeks of 100° plus weather each day. Then there was about two more weeks of 90° plus weather. Along with this temps, it was very humid.

In fact, it was so hot this summer the fish were swimming around and cooling off with “mist fans”.

Today is a welcome relief and if it wasn’t for the rain I would be outside doing something. Probably just walking around, but I would be outside.

So, look at the photo below. I am telling you that it was raining at the time this photo was taken. How do you know that? The roads are wet, and everyone is holding an OPEN umbrella. My one and only current weather forecast, 100% accurate.

Raining in Shanghai
Everyone has the umbrella open as they are walking in the rain in Shanghai, China. Photo ©William Ballentine

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Proud to be Born Southern

Being born in a southern state and living in the south my entire life is a great feeling as I have reached retirement age. You see, as a southerner I can say I have many experiences about life that you get when you live in the south.

If you live in the south or you were brought up in the south you have learned a lot through life experiences, and most of what you have learned will make you a better person. How’s that you may ask? I am glad you asked that question, so let’s get started.

A true southern delight, biscuits, and sausage gravy. so good! Photo from bng.com images.

We learn from an early age to eat grits. In fact, grits with about anything is good. With butter, with salt, with eggs, with bacon. With sausage, with toast, with coffee, with sugar. Yes, we like our grits. Homemade biscuits, milk gravy, eggs, homemade jelly and jams, canned food…. YUMMY!

We may not get out and walk a lot, but we love our cars. Old cars, new cars, American made cars, we love them all. We fix them up and we fix them down. Sports cars, luxury cars, and vans.

Oh, we can’t forget the trucks. We really love our trucks. Big trucks, little trucks as long as it is a truck we are happy. Diesel or gas, big engines or 4 bangers, they all are good. 2×2 or 4×4, we love them all.

Trucks come in all shapes, sizes and brands. Southern people love ours big, powerful and 4×4. Photo from bing.com images.

We love our greasy southern cooking. That is healthy eating for us. Fried chicken, fried fish, fried potatoes, fried veggies. French fries, hamburgers, cheeseburgers, hot dogs, backed potatoes with everything on them. Bacon burgers (3x extra bacon please). Pulled or chopped BBQ with homemade sauce, homemade slaw, onions. Catfish, crappie, brim… Are you hungry yet?

We love to hunt deer, squirrels, rabbits, quail, dove, just to name a few.

Big homes and no traffic with lots of farm lands. Small towns where everyone knows everyone. Summer evenings watching little league baseball games, cooking out, sitting on the porch talking with family or neighbors. Fall evenings watching our high school football games, drinking hot drinks, hollering until we can’t speak.

We go shopping and see people we know. Friends, relatives, coworkers. We stop and talk and share our life with each other. We laugh, we cry we share our emotions.

We take care of each other, starting with our families then our friends. Family and friends are important to us. We believe in each other and we believe in what we stand for.

Back to sitting on the porch, watching the lightning from distant thunderstorms. Feeling the cool breezes from the storms or from the coming autumn. The smell of the rain coming, sound of the rain drops hitting the leaves and the ground. The mist of the rain blowing through the porch.

We shout at our neighbors as they drive by or walk by. The kids play in the yard. We hang our clothes on a clothes line, mow our yards, turn our gardens, grown our vegetables. Raise our cattle, pigs, and chickens.

Southern people love our guns. We can tolerate a lot of things, but don’t mess with our guns. Photo from bing.com images.

We love to shoot our guns and then buy more guns. Go to turkey shoots, shoot at outdoor ranges. Teach our children how to handle a gun safely. Watch them as they shoot the gun for the first time. Take our guns apart, clean them and then put them back together.

Swimming in the lakes and rivers. Fishing in the same lakes and rivers. Camping out, cooking on the camp fire. Outdoor showers and toilets when camping. Sleeping bags or no sleeping bags. Crystal clear skies to gander at the millions of stars that light up the sky. Clean and fresh air to breath. Waking up to a chill in the air, cranking the fire up to get warm and start cooking.

There are many other reasons being southern is a great way of life, but the best reason is we value love, traditions and country.

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North Korea Continues to laugh at the USA, China and Russia

North Korea has tested yet another missile, despite more sanctions from the United Nations. It seems that each time the UN adds more sanctions, Chairman Kim Jong-un sends another missile over Japan or he test another nuclear bomb.

Chairman Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. This photo was downloaded from this website.

It is time for the United States and the rest of the world to stop playing games with North Korea. The longer we play, the better the chances of a lot of people being hurt and killed down the road.

Here, I will let the secret out of the bag to the USA, China and Russia. North Korea has nuclear capabilities and they will use it against anyone, including you. No all three of you know the truth. I am glad you now have the same knowledge as the rest of the world.

Do I think North Korea would attack any of these three? No, I do not unless the DPRK was attacked first. The reason why is very simple. If DPRK attacked a super power first, it would most certainly spell the end of Kim Jong-un and his regime, along with North Korea. He doesn’t want that.

President Xi Jinping, China1
Xi Jinping, President of the Peoples Republic of China. Photo from Bing search stock photos.

Chairman Kim Jong-un just wants to run with the big dogs and stop being ignored. He is tired of throwing temper tantrums and no one pays him any attention. He loves being in the lime light.

Now, what we have to remember is this man has killed many people in North Korea that could have taken over his government from him, along with his family members. So yes, he is unpredictable and he very well may do something no one expects, like attacking a super power. I personally believe before this happens he would attack a much smaller country that could not retaliate against him.

President Vladimir Putin, Russia1
Vladimir Putin, President of the Russian Federation. Photo from Bing search stock photos.

Come on, it is time the USA, China and Russia put up or shut up. Tell Chairman Kim Jong-un lets deal or all three needs to remove him from office at a very expensive price. All three super powers are at fault for allowing him to get to this point with his power. Shame on all three of you.

After the latest firing of a missile by North Korea the United States has asked for direct intervention by China and Russia. In the past, according to what we know, they have only voted along with UN sanctions. In my opinion, voting along with the UN sanctions is not direct intervention. Maybe it is time that both of these countries step up and do more than just the UN sanctions that were voted on.

One thing is for sure. As long as everyone just lets North Korea keep going on and on with these threats, sooner or later we all will look at each other and ask how did we get here as we survey all of the destruction around us.

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North Korea, is it too late

North Korea has just detonated the most powerful nuclear bomb test in its history. The DPRK carried out this test despite the international community protesting all of the past test completed by Chairman Kim Jong-un.

Chairman Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. This photo was downloaded from this website.

So, why is Chairman Kim Jong-un continuing to go against the international community plus having to deal with United Nations sanctions against his country. It is my belief that he believes that the United States has no credibility, and he sees it is a weakness.

From President Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama and now Donald Trump the United States says big things but does little to stop them. We talk big, but have taken no real actions to stop him.


Our past four Presidents have called the DPRK names, made threats but done absolutely nothing that would make a difference to them. So, if you look at the number of years, DPRK has been doing what they wanted since at least 1993. That is 24 years of development.

To stop this nonsense from the DPRK would possibly be a bloody war that would draw many nations into a battle. But, would that be wise at this time? The timing of this should have been the very first time DPRK violated their promise not to develop a nuclear weapon.

What we have now allowed to happen is letting Chairman Kim Jong-un have the capability to not only attack our allies, but to attack the United States mainland with a nuclear assault.

It is obvious that someone is going around the sanctions that have been put into place in the past. Even if no one has, the people of the DPRK are the ones that suffer, not Chairman Kim Jong-un or his leaders.

Then enters Kim Jong-un in May of 2016 as the Chairman of the Workers’ Party of Korea. He was no stranger to the politics. He was actively involved with DPRK politics from as far back as 2010.

He is considered a ruthless leader. According to reports he has ordered family members killed as well as people within the party and citizens to maintain his power. The most important item to the Chairman is maintaining his control of the DPRK.

Niki Haley, current United States Ambassador to the United Nations. This photo was downloaded from this website.

According to the United States Ambassador to the United Nations, Niki Haley, Kim Jong-un is wanting to start a war. I tend to agree with her. Each time things get quiet, it seems he starts testing again or firing missiles. After all, he thinks the USA is all talk and no action.

What’s at stake? There is a lot of players on the table at this time. South Korea, Japan and about anyone else in the Asian continents could be drawn into a full-scale war. Casualties could and probably be large due to the possibility of nuclear weapons being involved.

Would it be a conventional or nuclear war? To start with I think if war was to break out with the DPRK and anyone else it would be a conventional war, but could quickly escalate into a nuclear war.

China has already warned the United States that they would not interfere as long as we were not trying to make a regime change in North Korea. I don’t understand this, if we are going to war, we would need a regime change in the DPRK to try and insure the future would be peaceful.

President Donald Trump, current United States President 2017. The photo was downloaded from this website.

If the reports are true Kim Jong-un could and should be treated as an international criminal and be brought to court to stand trial.

The DPRK has played the United States with such precision and with very few mistakes we have to start thinking about negotiating with them. Do we go to war now and risk a world war or do we try to negotiate a deal?

Negotiating a deal would not ensure anything to keep the peace. Besides, we have been trying to negotiate for many years. Every time we ask for sanctions, Chairman Kim Yong-un escalates with weapons instead of doing something constructive and suggest meeting at the table for a long peace negotiation.

Chairman Kim Yong-un has already shown in his past actions he is determined to escalate things to try and get what he wants. The only thing he knows is being the bully or big kid on the block.

A last resort would be a war. If war should break out it would be a bloody, long lasting and a very deadly war. No one would win.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, now it’s your turn.


The NFL and not standing for the Anthem

Shaming the flag, shaming America

Another season is here for the National Football League (NFL) and another season of multimillion dollar babies not standing to respect our country. It is not about free speech, it is about the NFL not policing the players. Now let me say this, the average player makes $860,000 per year in 2015, so not all of them are multimillion dollar babies.

The United States Flag and the Christian Flag
Just as they should be, proudly showing their colors. The United States Flag and the Christian Flag. (Photo ©William Ballentine)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should be ashamed of himself for not standing up for America first. He has claimed in the past that it is not an enforceable action for the NFL to take. Please tell us Commissioner why it is not enforceable? It seems that the NFL can hand out fines for uniform violations, end zone celebrations, fighting, the way the players interact on the field with the referees, and actually other things I haven’t mentioned. But, this isn’t enforcable, really?

I believe it has more to do with revenue than with being enforceable. It seems that the NFL is more concerned about the bottom line than with the best in line for our country. Here, one of the most watched and followed sports in America has the chance to say enough is enough and do something positive for our nation, and they don’t do anything except let the disrespect go on.

NFL League
The NFL Emblem, ©National Football League. Obtained from Bing Images.

The sponsors are caught in the middle of this issue as well are the owners. The sponsors have to answer to their board members and the owners have to answer to their fans. The owners hands are tied by the NFL.

Then there is the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA). I am sure they want to stay as neutral as possible so they do not hurt their image with the players, the NFL or the fans.

Now, let’s just say a little about the freedom os speech thing. I agree we all have freedom of speech WHEN WE ARE NOT ON THE PAYROLL OF SOMEONE ELSE. These football players are employees of their teams and are paid by the teams, through a process of the owners sharing profits, which is another issue.

The players should have to act in accordance with what the teams want, not what the players want. In North Carolina you can lose your job by doing “your thing” while on the time clock of your employor. Heck, some have lost their jobs for doing their thing while they were not on the time clock.

I would like to see the sponsors stand up for our country and start pulling ads from the television networks and the NFL.

The owners should start including in the contracts of the player conditions that the player has to stand for the national anthem and show the proper respect for the flag as defined by national protocol. If it is in the contract then at least the fans and the sponsors know if the teams are patriotic or not, depending on how the teams take care of the issue.

If the player violates this contract he could be suspended by the team, fined by the team or be fired by the team without penalty to the team. In other words, the team would not have to finish paying out the players contract.

As a last effort the NFL teams should remain in the locker room during the playing of the anthem. After it is finished they should come onto the field.

You can click here to read a second blog I have written on this subject.

Now in closing let me say this. I understand this is a very complicated issue, however it would seem the NFL really does not want to take care of the problem. If the NFL does not want to take care if it, maybe it is time for others to force the NFL to take care of these multimillion dollar babies that think their demonstration is more important than showing respect for our nation.

I would be amiss if I didn’t take this time to say thank you to the many players that respect our country and our flag at the beginning of each game.

The Southern Shout Out has spoken, it’s the readers and followers time to speak. Leave your comments so others can read and comment.




The Winners and Losers

Without the past, we have no future.

Recently at a government meeting a local citizen asked that the statue of the Confederate soldier be removed from in front of the courthouse. The soldier has been named Hugo by the locals.

Hugo and the Courthouse
This is Hugo, the Confederate soldier that is standing guard in front of the Randolph County Courthouse in Asheboro, NC. Recently at a government meeting the commissioners were asked that the statue be removed…

Now, Hugo has stood around for a long, long time not bothering no one. But now he has found himself in the middle of a controversy. The sad part about this is there is no winners in this issue, we will all be losers.

It doesn’t matter if you are for removing statues that remind us of slavery or the Civil War or if you are against the idea. Either way, it will drive another wedge into our society.

Slavery was and still is a terrible thing. But, removing history just because you don’t like it is also a terrible thing. Is one worse than the other? I am not sure, because if you forget your past, you may repeat it in the future.

God created us all in His image. His plan was for us to live a peaceful existence on earth and fellowship with each other and with Him. Then entered Satan into the picture and the trouble hasn’t stopped since that apple moment in the garden.

It’s not about what Hugo represents and it is not about slavery, the Civil War or any other man-made thing. It is simply about America’s heart. The heart of America is changing and we are becoming more divisive.

Life will go on for Asheboro, North Carolina and the United States. Whatever happens in our future will greatly influence our country and our descendants.

America has a rich and wonderful history. Just like you and me and other countries, we all have some good and some bad in our past. We can only hope our good will be more than our bad characteristics in our history.

I can remember hearing many years ago while I was in school. America will not be defeated from wars with other countries. America will be defeated from within. It is a sad thing, but I can see this happening now as we progress further down this road.

All of this started many, many years ago, but in my opinion, it really came to light during the Obama Administration and it is continuing through the Trump Administration. The opposing groups have become more and more aggressive toward each other.

The police and other government officials don’t know how to handle it because of all of the different rulings from our courts. It has become a certifiable mess.

The only way for this to change is for America to make it happen. We have to find a way to get along with each other without erasing our past and move into the future as a optimistic country. It will not be an easy task, but I know we can do it.

What happens if we don’t make this change in America? I am afraid we will not see a 300 year birthday party. The greatest nation on earth will become history.

Should the statue stay or be removed? According to the state law, it will not be removed because it has a historical value to Asheboro and Randolph County.